Friday, February 20, 2015

Wherein I Write and You Read

Dear Reader,

We don't know each other, but in time, we will.

If you have ever been to a bookstore, you already know the going rate for a hardback picturebook. If you have ever been to a library, you know your options for picturebooks appear endless. And if you have ever gone head first into the world of stories and tales and fables and biographies and art that make up the picturebook world, you know you're dealing with a lot of authors, a lot of illustrators, and a whole bunch of ideas.

Then there's me.

I want to tell stories, but the market is saturated with picturebook writers right now. So what I envision here is a space where I can tell simple stories about ANYTHING. It's that simple. If you are so inclined, you get to pass on the stories to your loved ones. Read them verbatim, tell them from memory, whatever. If you want to influence the next stories, post a word or two in the comments section. I'll do my best to incorporate them into the next tale. If you want to see more of one particular character, then tell me. Dream it up. A hippo named Frank? An ant that dreams of making it to the moon? A gobster forest? A polka-dotted feeling? It doesn't have to make sense. Just pile it on like pancakes, and let's see what happens.

Are you excited? I'm excited. So let's make some stories.

Intrepidly yours,

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