Monday, February 23, 2015

Hee ha!


The little boy thought he was pretty funny.

Using a glue stick, crazy glue, stapler, and tape, Jelly made sure his brother's bed couldn't be unmade. And his brother was in it!

But that was just part one of his master plan. Part two was soup.

It was hard work sneaking around the house, not making noise and not laughing. But Jelly was up to the challenge. He was getting even with his brother for pranking him last week. Hee ha! Jelly had waited until his brother's defenses were down. Yes! Tonight was the night.

Jelly went to the kitchen and made a bowl of cold soup. He had considered hot, but even that seemed a little too mean. He was just trying to get even, not start an all-out war.

Jelly snuck back to the room and gently placed the bowl of soup on his brother's chest. Hee ha! Oh, man. He wished he could be here when he woke up!

The last part of the plan was the broom. Jelly needed to clean up everywhere he had stepped and then go back and wear his sister's shoes to and from his brother's bed. The perfect payback! Not only would he get even with his brother, but his sister would take the fall! Hee ha!

As Jelly was quietly sweeping near his brother's bed, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and found... his brother!!! But if his brother was out of bed, then who was in his bed?

Cousin John John! Oh no! He had forgotten that John John had taken his brother's bed tonight. Jelly's brother reached over, took off the soup, and gently started undoing the staples and tape. He left the glue alone. He didn't have to yell or get Jelly in trouble. Jelly was going to have enough trouble explaining why the sheets were spotted with glue.

Hee ha!

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