Tuesday, February 24, 2015



The alien looked all over the town. Crouched high on top of a telephone pole, the alien was about the size of a squirrel but as intelligent as a team of physicists. Evolution had been kind to it.

The alien made some bird calls, and all the dogs in the neighborhood started howling. Hard-to-listen-to howls. The alien chuckled with its three mouths and two stomachs. This was too much fun.

Sleepy humans left their homes to see why their dogs were barking. People that didn't own dogs came outside to complain. "Get your dog to be quiet!" they yelled. But the dogowners couldn't. The dogs wouldn't be still.

One by one, the humans took their pets into their homes. Yes, the alien thought. Just as I imagined it. Taking over this planet would be easy as palooppy pie.

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