Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nick Needs a Towel!


All the kids were standing in a circle. The music was on, and they were dancing.

Oh, it was fun to dance. They didn't really know what they were doing, of course. But the music was bouncy, and they were feeling it. Jump, laugh, spin, twist. This was awesome!

Then a phone rang. It was the house phone, so Jen yelled to her mother. "Mom!! The phone is ringing! Do you want me to answer it?" She knew her mom didn't like yelling, but it was easier than turning the music down and telling everybody to be still.

Her mom didn't reply, so Jen took the phone into the next room. "Hello?"

"Jen, great. I need you to grab me a towel." It was Jen's older brother Nick. He was in high school.

"You're in the bathroom?"

"Yeah, exactly. There aren't any towels in here."

"Okay, be right there."

So Jen went into the next room with her friends and turned the music down. "Listen up, everybody! Remember when Nick scared us last Halloween? Well, it's payback time. Follow me."

Jen led everyone to the laundry room where her big dog Rowdy's dog food was. "Grab a handful."

Then she went upstairs, went into the linen closet and grabbed a towel, then headed down the bathroom. "Shhhh, everyone. When he opens the door, it's go time."

Jen knocked on the door. Nick opened it in his underwear, which were wet, and Jen yelled, "Now!" All the kids started throwing dog food at Nick who retreated from the door saying, "What? Ow? Jenny, what is this? Ow!"

All the kids then laughed and ran down the hall. "I'll get you and your friends, Jenny-girl! Just you want and see!!" Nick yelled from the bathroom. Jen and her friends high fived one another going down the stairs.

Back in the bathroom, Nick was laughing too. What an awesome little sister, he thought. Wait till my friends hear about this. Then he started to pick up the dog food, bit by bit.

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