Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mad Mazes

When I was a kid, a found a book called Mad Mazes. I only recall about a dozen or so mazes (perhaps there were more), but what was different about these was that they had weird rules. They went well beyond just tracing a pencil through a complicated map of turns and deadends. You had to think your way through them.

Well, the author Robert Abbott is still making mazes and puzzles, though he's focusing more on board games these days. I discovered that many of his mazes are on his website Logic Mazes and provide some free entertainment for the maze enthusiast. (You have to be patient with his mazes. I had to solve several of them in roundabout ways. :))

Give your brain a workout. Click on the easy mazes and work your way up. It's an education in new ways of thinking.

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