Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ask a Wacky Question

I surf the internet. I click on link after link and go wherever the tide takes me. Usually, it's just news item after news item, but today I stumbled upon something entirely different: a website called Stack Exchange devoted to answering any question you can think of. Any question? you ask. Any question, I reply.

Like this one: Are flying plants possible?

It was kind of hard to resist clicking, to be honest. The question itself presupposes that someone has an answer. And they did. There were pages and pages of responses. Some were scientific; all were on topic. They took the question extremely seriously, and the answers felt both conversational and textbookish, a tough balance. It felt like I had landed on a foreign planet where weird things were happening, and an ordinary alien had to break it down for me.

You should check it out, ask questions, participate with comments. It's the coolest new site I've landed on in years.

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